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CamZoomer 3.0

'EditByBrothersoft: Use CamZoomer with any USB WebCam to get the features of an expensive Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera for just fraction of the cost. Since a typical USB webcam costs about $30, why pay $850 when you can get the effect you need for just $69.95 I. Main features: 1. 8x Digital ZOOM 2. 45 Degree PAN (depends on camera) 3. 45 Degree TILT (depends on camera) 4. Control from your keyboard (keypad) (MOVE left/right/up/down, zoom +/-) 5. Works with all webcam applications. 6. Allows to run multiple webcam applications with only one webcam device (CamSplitter integrated) 7. Pan-Tilt-Zoom settings indication on the picture 8. Simple setup 9. FREE Trial download II. How It Works?USB based webcams usually support different resolutions for video, and quite often the maximum resolution is 640x480 (VGA). But resolution that high is excessive in most cases. Typically, most people don't use more than 320x200 for online video conferencing purposes, because 640x480 is too slow for real-time video over the internet. CamZoomer can access this extra resolution - zooming and moving the picture displayed on Your Camera. CamZoomer is an add-on application that fits in between your webcam application(s) and a real webcam driver. It takes video from a real webcam (in the maximum allowed resolution) and transfers it to the webcam application. This allows CamZoomer to do 2x ZOOM without any loss of quality. Using digital zoom allows CamZoomer to zoom in even further, up to 8x magnification, with still exceptionally high quality. This virtual zooming technique looks just like the real thing. The same resolution-changing technique allows extremely effective emulation of panning and tilting your camera. Try CamZoomer and see how effective it is. Download the FREE trial, which is limited only by a small notification message reminding you to register. you can free download CamZoomer 3.0 now. '
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