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Ccy OTimer 3.2

' It can calculate the time you spend on the internet with a monthly record. Showing you ip address. Monitor downloaded and uploaded bytes. It also supports dial-up function. Just simply input the starting day and ending day, it will begin to record. Introduction :Nowadays, surfing on the internet is a very popular entertainment. Whilst using your browser, you can easily spend lots of time without being aware! This program gives you a real-time graphical change to tell you. It allows you enough information to set Your Time limit and will save you money. Features:support dial-up function monitor downloaded and uploaded bytes show records in detail show users online spent time with graphical-Change Icon in system tray and graphical-MOVE arrow on Main Screen enable or disable record any time every hour to alert you with message box. you can free download Ccy OTimer 3.2 now. '
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